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Case 3mk Satin Armor Case+ Samsung A346 A34 5G

Case 3mk Satin Armor Case+ Samsung A346 A34 5G
Case 3mk Satin Armor Case+ Samsung A346 A34 5G
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A smartphone prefers an unzipped pocket when traveling. Subsequently, travelling can be dangerous. Because of this, the 3MK Satin Armor Case+ is made from materials that will keep your phone safe even if it is dropped from a great height onto hard surfaces like rocks.

It's okay to drop anything, as long as the impact is minimal. The 3MK Satin Armor Case+ incorporates Shock Pocket technology to mitigate damage to your phone should it fall from a height or be dropped on a hard surface. Aesthetically pleasing and functional recesses in the case work as cushions, with the case taking the full force of the impact.

Who wants a smartphone that doesn't have a camera? As a result, 3MK have been subjecting smartphones to extreme drops in an order to discover a method that will protect the cameras' delicate electronic components. After intense testing, the 3MK Satin Armor Case Plus is finally complete. Case with raised corners is ideal for protecting the lens from drops and scratches

3MK are aware that some cases may make it difficult to use the phone's controls. You press them, and nothing happens - totally irritating. That's why 3MK eliminated the possibility of such issues with the Satin Armor Case Plus. You won't have any trouble using your phone with this case on. It also ensures full operation and great button sensitivity.


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